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ECE Interdisciplinary project, Spring 2015 (Coordinator: Jaesik Choi)

Recognizing Slot-Filling Entailment by Seongwoo Lim

Advisors: Jaesik Choi/ Bongsoo Jang Building a knowledge base system from unstructured text is one of challenges in natural language processing (NLP). A knowledge base can be applied to various artificial intelligence areas (e.g. expert system, big data processing). Slot… Continue Reading →

Finding representations in Neural Networks by Giyoung Jeon

Advisors: Jaesik Choi/ Jae-Young Sim Artificial Neural Networks are one family of machine learning models. As it can be inferred from its name, it works in a way to resemble the nervous systems of animals. Like a reflection of the… Continue Reading →

Image Inpainting by Hyungjoong Cho

Advisors: Seungjoon Yang/ Sungju Hwang Image inpainting is a method that reconstruct the missing area of an image by using the information in pixels of surrounding region. Its objective is to restore a degraded painting in such a way that… Continue Reading →

Face / Finger Detection in Android Device (Google glass) by You Chung Geol

Advisors: Jaesik Choi/ Jae-Young Sim In this project, I’ll use the face detection and finger detection in android devices for using human detection and comparison.

Controlling the self-assembly of PEG-PS by Sumin Lee

Advisors: San Kyu Kwak/ Jaesik Choi PEG-b-PS is combination of hydrophilic PEG and hydrophobic PS. It has some characteristics like phospholipid which forms the biomembrane. This polymer forms micelle, lamella, tunnel, vesicles and stomatocytes. Its formation seems affected by the… Continue Reading →

Neural Poet: Poet Born from Neural Network by Taehoon Kim

Advisors: Jaesik Choi/ Jae-Young Sim   In this project, we build an artificial poet with the recurrent neural network which can generate the series of Korean poetries by leveraging the knowledge of recent deep neural network which leads us to… Continue Reading →

The RaspberryPI retro gamebox by Sanghun Kang

  Advisors: Aaram Yun/ Daejin Kim In this project I will make retro game machine which can be seen at video game room(Oraksil). Not X-box, not playstation, retro game machine has joysticks and colorful button. I will use Raspberry Pi… Continue Reading →

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